On the Sidelines

Pouting on the sidelines

I don’t truly call myself an exercise addict. I have never worked out for endless hours upon hours, mostly because I don’t really have that much time. But I am faithful to my workout regimen. I give it my all for 30-40 minutes every weekday morning, plus I have indoor soccer three times a week. I try to get as much NEAT as possible to hopefully combat my sedentary job. But 2-a-days and multiple Zumba or spin classes? Nope, not me.

But when you tell me to take a “rest” day, or to take it easy, I feel that uneasiness start to well up. Anxiety. You see, I’m proud of what my body can do. I feel accomplished when I can add more weight to the bar and can lift what I couldn’t a week or two before. And I love, love, LOVE soccer. But take that away, and I worry. My mind goes a little crazy.

I have backed off in the past few months from the balls-to-the-wall workouts. I don’t do tons of intense intervals every single day. My body doesn’t recover from it. I even manage to take a morning off sometimes, either because my body needs it, because I need sleep, or just because I’d rather spend a few precious moments with my hubby. Mentally, I’m in a good place with this. I’ve actually benefited from the additional recovery time. This has been a positive process with little-to-no hiccups.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, I have sustained a hiccup.

I pulled my groin Saturday during a soccer game. It’s not terrible, thankfully, but it is indeed sore. Sore enough for me to reluctantly sit out from any workouts involving legs for a while. And the old, familiar thoughts are back.

What if I become a slob? What if I lose strength gains? What if I gain weight? I’m not doing enough!

Realistically, I know that I won’t become some fat slob and gain a bunch of weight from resting for the time being. It’s ridiculous, exaggerated, anxiety-induced thinking. But the thoughts are still there. Hanging out in the back of my mind. I’m telling them to shut up, and it’s mostly working. For now.

Hoping for strength here. I know it’s such small potatoes, especially when I compare it to issues others face on a daily basis, but these little demons are what rob my days (and my husband’s days) of peace. So it’s in our best interest to squash them!

2 thoughts on “On the Sidelines

  1. I can so relate this – if I don’t go on a walk or do a workout, or get moving in some other way I feel guilty, and on some slippery slope to slob-hood. Ridiculous and yet, I can’t get ride of those thoughts.

  2. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly, Alta. And, keep silencing that voice that says you are a slouch or weak for not working out. You’ll get back up on that horse…soon. But, your body needs the time to heal. Your intellect knows this, but your emotions somehow don’t. Tell your intellect to beat those emotions into submission! 😉 xo

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