Comfy Dress Mondays


Mondays are hard enough as it is. You’re rudely awakened by the alarm at the ungodly hour of way-too-early-o-clock, and you have the whole week to get through. Do you really need to add the discomfort and negative feelings associated with the weekend’s indulgences?

Nah, I didn’t think so.

Something I’ve found was a trend for me for the longest time was that I’d be pretty bloated on Mondays, and up a few pounds. This would likely be because I’d binged on something “bad” over the weekend, or I just ate too much food period. It would send me into a cycle of restriction (I’d swear off of sugar or treats or grains or any indulging of any sort), followed by more bingeing by the week’s end (because I felt deprived all week), followed by more bloating.

Talk about a blow to my positive energy.

TRUTH: On Monday, I might have been up a few pounds and my pants fit too tightly. But in the grand scheme of things, I wasn’t gaining weight – I’d lose it all, the bloat and the extra pounds – by the week’s end. I wasn’t gaining and losing actual weight – it was really just water. But even if I intellectually knew this, on Monday mornings, emotions got the best of me and I would feel bad about myself.

Nowadays, I still often find I am bloated on Mondays. (I don’t weigh myself then – no need to add fuel to the fire; I know it’s temporary.) It was simply because I ate more, ate more salt because I ate out, or just ate differently over the weekend. It happens because I’m just generally enjoying life – not because I’m an out-of-control slob. I no longer panic. Now, I recognize it for what it is. I’m  realizing there is absolutely no association with a little bloat and my self-image.

But in order to help ensure I don’t fall back into this negative mindset, I declare Mondays “Comfy Dress” days. If I am feeling a little out of sorts, I have a few things in my closet that I reserve just for these days. A comfy dress is often the go-to choice. It’s not restrictive around the waist, and it’s flattering. Instead of feeling restricted by too-tight pants, I can go to the office feeling confident.

Therefore, I encourage you all to declare “comfy dress” days whenever this situation arises. It doesn’t have to be a dress, of course. Stretchy pants or anything loose around the waist works. The key is to wear something that you enjoy wearing. It will help you think more positively of yourself, and you can go on about your day and focus all your energy on being awesome.


5 thoughts on “Comfy Dress Mondays

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